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Prof. Peter Helff Composition 11 Rough Draft about “Ernest Hemingway Biography” Introduction Ernest Hemingway, a noble prize winner in literature, well known for his short stories which were published in 1975; was also the best known American writer of all time. A novelist and journalist, Ernest Hemingway was the inspiration for writers of that era; he contributed to the enhancement of literature, for those who write stories for a living. His books were recognized in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, and in the northern and southern parts of America and Africa, before his first serous novel, “The Sun Also Rises” was edited, his career as a writer was already international. The short story “The Old Man and the Sea” is semi-autobiographical, and it reflects the man he had once been. For years, Hemingway had known the story of the heroic old fisherman, who conquered a huge marlin only to see it destroyed by sharks. As the story developed in his mind, it takes directions and turns into a parable. Hemingway uses his writing prowess in “The Old Man and the Sea”, in an attempt to reclaim something of what he has won and lost so many times become’s effect-reaction for his short stories. Memories throughout the experience as a fisherman are essentials elements for his writing here are four activities that fascinated Hemingway are fishing, bullfighting, hunting and war. All reflects certain international aspects, some events on his life, tragedies, joyful moments and physiological issues that end his life. War appears in an early age, among short stories of both Paris, and New York. Hemingway participates in five different wars between 1917 and1945 (Baker, 25). Hemingway spends his next twenty-years interesting in the bullfight, starting with young bulls like Maesta and Villarta and the memorable Garcia in “The

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