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One day my brother Henry and I were looking through comical pictures, on my iPod Funny Pictures app. We came across a picture with the first words of a new written branch of English, spelled: “ERMAHGERD ERM IN THE ERLIMPERKS.” Befuddled on how to pronounce the new phrase, we continued reading it in many different ways until; finally, the idea dawned on us to pronounce each syllable separately. “Er-mah-gerd erm in the er-lim-perks.” said Henry. “Oh. I get it.”, I said, once I heard Henry’s hilarious, but successful attempt at pronouncing the ridiculous phrase. After having this epiphany of the newly found branch of English, Henry and I couldn’t help but laugh, unable to stop, for an hour and a half. After researching other definitions of it on the Funny Pics’ app, and, and after having almost blown out my abs laughing, I decided to put together this definition of the phrase: ERMAHGERD! ERM IN THE ERLIMPERKS: Pronounced: Er-ma-gerd erm in the er-lim-perks. Translated as: Oh my God! I’m in the Olympics (Link to the ERMAHGERD translator;!/translate). It is a phrase said when one’s face is pulled back by an opposing force, such as gravity during the Olympics, or when someone has a radically extended lower jaw. This phrase is part of a new branch of English called “Ermahgerd”; a written language, used as a way to record awkward pronunciations of the English language. Its purpose is simply, to be able to write comedic captions on pictures. After reading this description it’s a little easier to understand that in order for this ridiculousness to make even the slightest bit of sense, you’d have to follow a couple easy steps. The first step to being able to read Ermahgerd is: study the person’s face in the picture containing the words you are trying pronounce, and make your facial expression similar to

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