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Erin Pesta September 21, 2012 Paper #2 Draft America today vs. yesterday America today writhes with poverty and despair, looking at the fact that America once was one of the most promising Countries, now there is poor health care and little job opportunity. Children are walking to school, trying to get breakfast so they can start their day, only to find the program is no longer available due to lack of government funding. People without a job, or funds for gas money to look for employment; have become overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness, desolation is running rampant among anyone at or below the middleclass in the United States. Despair, is when someone calls his or her mortgage company to see if there is some sort of lifeline or final effort, only to speak with someone overseas and not being able to understand what the customer service operator overseas is saying. Looking out the window at the house across the street, once warmed with a happy family living inside is now in foreclosure in most rural neighborhoods. Once upon a time, Americans had the good life compared to today, now citizens feel a sense of discord as they have only two choices for presidential candidates- bad and worse. Hope for our countries future is disappearing right before our eyes, old are the days when one can live off a single income to support only themselves or even a dependent in many cases. Domestic concentration would be promising, that is if it coincides with national security and big brothers hidden

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