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Erik Erikson Essay

  • Submitted by: Kbrooke24
  • on September 22, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Strengths concerning Erikson’s work involve his eight stages. Erikson along with several other researchers found that his stages serve as a guide that holds across time and cultures as well, while other theorists refer to the ongoing approach of development as phases or transitions. Erikson was not afraid to characterize development as visibly marked stages. These stages serve as an outline when it comes to defining our culture or even comparing it to a culture that had existed a few centuries ago.

Most experimental studies based on his work grip around his efforts to a certain identity, but also around his outlook on adolescence. This theory is used based on the fact that it has been defined as well-equipped to resolve the crisis on early adulthood. This can be successfully reached once the crisis of adolescence has been resolved. His theory acknowledges that development continues throughout the life cycle, even older people have not yet finished developing. Older people who are coming to terms with their own morality have a deep need to look over their whole lives. In a life review a person who can look back on their life history, on the good times with gladness and satisfaction, on hard times with self-respect, mistakes with regret and forgiveness can find a new sense of integrity and readiness for whatever life or death may bring. Where as a person caught up in old sadness, unable to forgive themselves or others for perceived wrongs and dissatisfied with the life they’ve led, will easily drift into depression or despair.

Weaknesses regarding Erikson’s work also involve his eight stages. If we accept his personal understandings of what each stage stands for, then everything would be ok. What needs to be mentioned is that sometimes in different cultures the timing can be rather off when being compared to these eight stages. An example would be potty-training. In some cultures babies are potty-trained as early as nine months of age, where as in other a few...

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