Erie Canal Essay

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Erie Canal: America’s Symbol of Technological Greatness There are accounts of many advancements in technology that have helped the U.S. prosper with change, and the Erie Canal was an outstanding project that mimicked such an innovation. It succeeded America as a superpower and would highlight the effectiveness of the country’s trade and commerce. The use of a canal was conferred before the Erie Canal was even constructed; George Washington set up the Patowmack Company to build a canal in Virginia through the Potomac River. However, Washington died as the canal was being developed in 1799, and it fell into liquidation, even though it was a breakthrough. Its intention, along with the Erie Canal’s, was to join the eastern seaboard to the West…show more content…
Horses and mules towed the boats as source for power; the middle section was created first and it was called the Long Level, running from Utica to Syracuse. The levels in canals used locks to transport the ships, but this level did not contain even one lock and it was the expansive level in the world of its specificity. Also, the scientists and engineers were very interesting because they not only brainstormed inprovements for the Erie Canal but worked on it too. The lever was innovated into mechanisms that abridged the time of labor needed to cut down trees and remove the stumps stuck deep in the ground. In addition, plows were also manual tools that hastenend the pace of digging far more than the spades used in Europe. De Witt Clinton was captivated with the quick and arduous work and he was proudly addressing the success that was nearly complete. Unfortunately, dilemmas during construction erased any belief of quick work. The winters of New York, especially in 1818-1819, yielded enormous amounts of snow until it all melted in March of 1819, at which time work started after a moratorium. Also, the standard limestones lining the walls of the canal were disintegrating and leaks were becoming common hindrances; however, Chittenango limestone was tested
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