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Case 1-2: Erica Carson ------------------------------------------------- IMMEDIATE ISSUE What action would you take on Killoran’s attempt to secure some check printing business? BASIC ISSUES 1. Purchasing for a service organization. 2. The price, quality, delivery, service trade-off. 3. Supplier selection and splitting of business. 4. The purchase of services. 5. Treatment of unsolicited proposals from suppliers. MAIN QUESTION TO ADDRESS IN ASSIGNMENT If you were in the position of Erica Carson, what action, if any, would you take regarding Killoran’s bid? QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION 1. What importance is the check printing to the bank? 2. How would you do a cost analysis on a check printing order? 3. How would you evaluate a supplier of check printing for this bank? 4. How many suppliers are desirable for check printing? 5. What alternatives are open to Erica Carson here? 6. What action will you take? Why? INSTRUCTIONS This is a group assignment. Each member in the group must participation in the presentation. After reading and reviewing the case study, prepare a 3-4-page double space paper in Times Roman, 12 pt font. Your paper should include a title page and a reference page if you include information from outside research (I encourage). Also include a PowerPoint that contains at least 5-6 slides to illustrate the case study and your findings (be creative). Your group must address all of the areas mentioned (immediate issue, basic issues, main question to address in the assignment, & questions for discussion). The group paper (only) should be submitted to the turnitin feature and emailed to by 11:59 PM April 22, 2013.

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