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* Personnel available during activities – Athletic trainers, Doctors, Coaches, etc. * Each person must clearly understand his/her role in the event. * Equipment available during activities * Med kit, AED, Splints, Gear removal, spine boards and straps, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), AED pads, AED batteries, splinting equipment, helmet removal equipment and their batteries, etc. * Phone number for office in main gym. * (253) 571-6170 * Accessibility Issues that may occur: Locked gym doors, Closed gate * Role Of First Responder I. Establish scene safety and immediate care for the athlete * This should be provided by the most qualified individual on the medical team II. Activation of emergency medical services * This may be necessary in situations to where if the emergency transportation isn’t on scene * Time is the most critical factor (can be done by any member on the team, but then again let it be someone who is good under pressure, communicates well, and familiar with location). III. Equipment retrieval * May be done by any member on the team, that is very familiar with locations and types of special / specific equipment needed (Athletes, students, managers, coaches). IV. Direction of EMS * This person should meet the EMS upon arrival, also should have keys to any lock gates or doors V. Call 9-1-1 * Provide appropriate information that is needed * Name, Address, Phone number of phone being used * Type of injury * Athletes current condition * Nature of emergency (medical or non-medical) * Number of athletes * First aid treatment initiated by first responder * Specific directions * Any other questions requested 1. Emergency equipment that isn’t already on site * The first responder in an emergency situation during a game or practice
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