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Koehl McDaniel Jan Koehn 11/14/12 Ergonomics Ergonomics, human engineering or human factors engineering is the science of creating products or designing machines, which maximize safety, comfort or efficiency of people who use them. People who work with ergonomics apply general principles of industrial engineering, psychology, anthropometrics, which is the science of human measurement, and even biomechanics to adapt certain designs of products or workplaces to people’s constitution, strengths and limitations. This science also takes into consideration peoples reactions and the amount of time they need to process a specific task or information received from their environment, as well as the capacity of dealing with certain psychological factors, mainly stress and isolation. Once a study about a certain group of people’s reactions to their environment has been made, people who design with ergonomics attempt to develop the best possible design for a system or product. Ergonomics view people and the object or machine they will use as a sole unit, and the ergonomic approach to design blends the person’s abilities with those of the machine. When designing one must take into account the several limitations of both the mechanical and the human factor involved in a certain workspace. Human beings need to rest or experience less stress when realizing a certain task or they will spend their energies quickly and begin making mistakes when working, they are also subject to illness, accidents and the need of rest. In our Industrial Hygiene text it states “The sense of fatigue usually coincides with the depletion of glycogen deposits in the working muscles, a drop in blood glucose, and an increase in blood lactate. However, the processes involved are not fully understood, and highly motivated subjects may maintain work that requires very high oxygen uptake for

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