Erastus Smith: A Brief Biography Of Deaf Smith

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Deaf Smith Erastus Smith was born April 19, 1787 in Dutchess County, New York. His parents Chilaib and Mary Smith, moved to Mississippi Territory when he was eleven. He lost his hearing to a childhood illness. Smith first visited Texas in 1817 but did not remain long. He settled near San Antonio. In 1822 Smith married a Mexican widow, Guadalupe Ruiz Durán, and the couple had four children in which all were daughters. The Smith family settled on the claim of James Kerr along with five other families in the new colony of Green DeWitt in the autumn of 1825. He got along with both the Americans and the Mexicans, but when a Mexican sentry refused to allow him to enter San Antonio to visit his family, Smith joined Stephen F. Austin's army. He

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