Erap Resign! Erap Resign! Essay

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Thirteen years ago, in the year 2001, our voices were heard, loud and clear for the world to know that after all, we, the youth, have enormous power to change the course of history. Yes, sometimes, you may see us, young people, who compose over 40% of this country’s population, getting engrossed with mundane and trivial pursuits, like malling, Facebook or online computer games, but, in my short talk today, allow me to show you what many don’t see. Ladies and Gentlemen, my countrymen: How many times have we heard people say, “Kahit sinong maupo diyan, wala namang mangyayari.” Whoever is elevated to power, nothing will change, it will be as inept, corrupt, and abominable as ever. Where and how do we, young people, stand amidst this scenario of political apathy and pathetic resignation to this nation’s dim tomorrow? Here are three important insights: First, the realization that the youth is the now. Second, that the youth, in order to make a difference, must be brave, uncompromising, and eternally watchful. And third, that this nation’s citizens always get the kind of government they deserve. On to my first point. We, the youth, are the here and now. I feel uncomfortable whenever they refer to us, the youth, as the future. The youth is the hope of the fatherland, so the great Filipino Jose Rizal said. “The youth is the hope of the Fatherland… The youth is the hope of the Fatherland.” I have heard this over and over… more than a hundred times, it has become a cliché, a cliché that, to me, begins to sound nauseating. People always say that we are the future. I say that we are the present. The choices we make, the paths we take can be of immediate significance and impact to our current state of affairs. How can I, as a young man, do my share in attaining good governance? We begin by clean, honest, and enlightened elections. The youth are the antidote to

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