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Eragon's Fate Edit Eragon may be able to stay in alagaesia because the book clearly stated that if " If something is changed enough, its true name will also change". Therefore, When Galbatorix is defeated, Alagaesia will be so changed that it will no longer be the same place and he will be able to stay. I love easy plot twists! It is widely believed that Eragon will defeat Galbatorix. (Angela said Eragon would be immortal or have a long life. While this suggests he will not die, she also said her prediction was not certain.) It has been confirmed in an interview with Paolini that as of August 22, 2010 there is a part where Eragon kills a character and he (Eragon) is hanging from manacles. Paolini also said at this time he is nearing the end of the manuscript, so this part is most likely at the end of the book. He also said that the Eragon's imprisoner is notGalbatorix. He could be a prisoner of Elva, if she decides to fight against Eragon, or of Nasuada, if she attempts to eliminate or control all magic users, or Murtagh, if he becomes independent of Galbatorix but still opposes Eragon. Eragon will possibly visit the Urgals halls. He was invited there by Nar Garzhvog. When the werecat, Solembum, gives Eragon this advice, "When all seems lost, and your power is insufficient, go to the rock of Kuthian and speak your name to the vault of souls." This means that Eragon needs to learn his true name to open the Vault of Souls, which could possibly hold more Eldunarí (though it is believed he would need a long time to enlist the will of the dragons to serve his cause, but Galbatorix only took a long time because he was set on enslaving the dragons. They would likely assist Eragon of their own free will, though, if only to save the Eldunarí that Galbatorix enslaved). The Rock of Kuthian could be the sapphire on ring that Brom gave Eragon, as when Eragon told Oromis of

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