Era Of Reconstruction Dbq

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1863 to 1877, the era of reconstruction, the period of time after the civil war spent trying to repair the broken relationship within the U.S. Although 17 years were put towards reconstruction, little to nothing was accomplished. The North forced too much too soon on an unwilling south. Also the laws that were created during this time did very little to help the situation at hand. But the laws weren’t the only things that were sketchy at the time, but the governmental system that was in place too. When a person is trying to get someone else to do something they’ll usually give them small tasks one at a time, that’ll eventually form something bigger. The north didn’t under stand this to well. In 1864 the Wade-David Bill was proposed, but was…show more content…
It is safe to assume that Rutherford D. Hayes was able to win the presidential election in 1876 because federal troops were still stations in three states; South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. With the troops in these three states, blacks weren’t afraid to go out and vote. And if one was to fast forward to after the federal troops were removed from these three states one would find that it soon was back under the control of democrats. So to ensure that the south could not reintroduce slavery in to the U.S. congress set out to get a fourteenth amendment added to the constitution. “Some answer, “Your civil rights bill secures the same things.” That is partly true, but a law is repeatable by a majority. And I need hardly say that the first time that the south and their copper headed allies obtain the command of congress it will be repealed. The veto of the president and their vetoes on the bill are conclusive evidence of that.” (Document C. pg. 308). What happened in the three previously named states was proof enough that a more permanent law needed to be passed. What better way to get a more permanent law, then to add an amendment to the constitution which all states must abide by. When the 1880s finally came around the Supreme Court struck down one reconstruction law after another that protected blacks from discrimination. Not even 3 years later things are already starting to go back wards in some
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