Equity Markets Essay

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Equity markets The European debt crisis strongly affected the normal operation of financial markets. The financial markets include a lot of parts that are equity markets, bond markets, money markets and foreign exchange and so on. This section of the report main analysis what the effect of crisis for the stock market in financial markets is. The stock market is a place about already issued shares transfer, trade and circulation (investopedia, 2013). The formation of the European debt crisis is a result of the combined action of multiple causes. It is leading to the debt crisis of Greece and other European countries. The debt crisis led to the European financial market economy produce the confidence crisis (investopedia, 2013). 2.1.1 Event The European debt crisis has affected a lot of countries and companies. Its result is the stock market volatility very large, many financial institutions are affected. The strongest effect can expect the market in every country, but it could also spread to other countries and the European stock index (Bäumler and Koch, 2013, p. 24). The European debt crisis caused the domino impact in the financial markets of many countries (Chibber, 2011). Europe stock market First of all, the impact of the financial crisis is the European country's stock market, for example Bank shares of Europe were retreat across, the euro continued to depreciate quickly, hit a low of $1.388. And the FTSE 100 index fell 133 points in London, down more than 2.25%. It restored some losses in trading day during a volatile, 52 points lower at 5876. Barclays fell 6.5% to 218 pence, next Lloyd is fell 4.7% to 42 p. It happened in the European debt crisis, and the Italy biggest bank's share price tumbled by 4.1%. Unaccredited suspended after fell more than 7 %( Wearden, 2011). Asia stock market At the same time, because influence of the debt
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