Equine Safety Speech

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Topic: Equine Safety General Speech Goal: To inform about the precautions to take when one is involved with a horse or pony Specific Speech Goal: I want my audience to take away the knowledge of how to be safe and smart around horses. Introduction I. Attention Getter: How many of you guys are afraid or intimidated by horses? Chances are… they are more… How many of you have ever ridden, touched, or have even been around horses before? Have you ever seen a horse get scared, or shy? II. Establish Credibility: All my life, I have been deeply involved in the horse world; which included both leisure and competitive activities. I began riding at age two, and from then on I was hooked. I have owned multiple horses, ages ranging from…show more content…
Audience Motivation: This information can relate to everyone; whether you are experienced around horses or if you have never seen one in real life, many of you, if not all, have at least seen a commercial for Budweiser with their Clydesdale horses or watched a horse pulling a carriage at Disneyland or on the lit up streets of Downtown, Fort Worth. If not any of those, than possibly you have seen or touched a pony at a petting zoo. Whatever the case may be, this knowledge can be applied to you to keep the horse, yourself, and anyone else involved safe and happy. IV. Purpose Statement: Today I will talk to you about how to properly approach, handle, and feed horses of all shapes and sizes. V. Preview Statement: First, I will discuss the basic anatomy, vision, and senses of the horse. Next, I will touch on the topic of meeting or passing by a horse in or on some kind of vehicle. Finally, I will explain how to properly approach and feed a horse while on…show more content…
II. Main Point #2: With any prey animal, unfamiliar objects can scare horses very easily, causing them to act irrational and cause possible harm to others. A. Subpoint: Equine animals can be very sensitive to motorized and quick moving vehicles such as cars, ATVs, scooters, bikes, and golf carts. 1. Support: If one were to drive up behind a horse on a ATV, the loud motor or engine of the vehicle can easily put a horse on edge, or cause them to act antsy or aggressive, since they may relate the sound to eating food or treats. 2. Support: Since something so simple as a quick movement to catch something or running to catch up with friends can spook a horse, somebody on a bike or scooter flying by can really put a horse in a position to do everything they can to get away from whatever is coming at them so quickly. B. Subpoint: Using something as simple as shaving clippers, a puddle of water, or reaching into a plastic bag can cause the horse to become tense and on high alert. They begin to prepare for getting out, and getting out

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