Equalityand Diversity Essay

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P5) Discriminatory practice is avoided in many healths and social care settings putting the service user at the heart of the service provision is one of them. Keeping the service user at the heart of the service provision, is basically keeping them at the centre. This means that the service users is the main attention, and all their needs are cared for in a way in which is best for them. This counters for caring for their needs and preferences, this can either be personal care that they specifically need, or they may need help with their hygiene. Another example could be to encourage service users in their religious area, by doing this it promotes anti-discriminatory practice because all the individuals are treated and respected fairly so they are not facing discrimination. Staff and organisations can ensure that discriminatory practice is avoided in health and social care settings, by providing active support which will be consistent to beliefs, culture and preferences of an individual. Treating all individuals with respect and dignity is a key point; you do this when considering their needs and preferences. This involves asking them their opinions on every aspect of their daily lives, from what time they wish to get up and have their meals to what they want to wear and what they wish to do during the day. Including their intimate hygiene and caring needs. Staffs need to encourage the residents to take as much responsibility for themselves as they are able to. The act of choosing makes all of us, children included, feel powerful and in control of our own lives. It is important for their self-esteem to development so they can learn to make decisions in situations where they are having some control and to learn to accept those situations where there is no choice. This can be a variety of choice of food, to take part in activities and perhaps too involved people

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