Equality Is Prison

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Audience Profile The following paragraph will explain the audience profile I have chosen. The targeted audience would have to be my classmates and professor. I am trying to persuade them into seeing my point of view on the article assigned by our professor. I will use an essay format for this process. The audience –subject relationship will probably be broad due to age differences in our class and different opinions. I expect for some people to disagree with my view of this interpretation. They might simply look at this article as a story about helping the less fortunate people become equal and how the more fortunate are being hindered in the process, but not how it effect’s humanity as a whole. They might also argue the references about the Vonnegut’s war experiences influencing this story. Audience-writer relationship would have to be that we are all classmates. I don’t know these people personally, but we are all working on this assignment. The writer’s role I’m going for would be to express my feelings on the article after reading the biography of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I feel that Vonnegut’s war experiences greatly influenced his science fiction writing. This feeling had me digging deep to find things that would relate to the war and the things that Vonnegut might be going through in that time period. Equality is Prison The article “Harrison Bergeron”, by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., portrays a story about how equality can be the downfall of humanity. The story starts out by telling us how, in the future of 2081, everyone is equal. Kurt Vonnegut Jr., writes that “nobody was better looking...stronger or quicker than anybody else” (1). He also goes on to explain how radios are placed in the ears of smart people to handicap their thinking abilities. These tiny radios emit loud bursts of random noises to break focus. One example stated is, “And George, while his
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