Equality For Women: Leadership Within Religion Essay

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Equality for Women: Leadership within Religion When looking women in all the world religion, we see a natural inequality presenting itself. When people refer to God, they usually see it as a man or refer to it as masculine form for convenience sake. However, this is not true of all forms of religions. Many women have severed in the highest levels of leadership in Judaism. The Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament, does promote the equality women and allows women to transcend through the ranks of their religion into many high ranking and influential roles throughout history. The Hebrew bible does support the leadership of women by promoting equality. Although there are many passages that degrade women and limit their power in society, the overall effect of the Old Testament does promote equality. This is done by three methods; passages in the Hebrew bible support equality for women in law and worship, many famous women of the past have shown that they can be devout leaders to the Hebrew faith, and Hebrews do not see God as a man or women, but as a being without a gender. With these three values instilled in the religion itself, we see women are permitted to the highest levels of leadership and are thus equal to men. As evidence of the equality of men and women, the Ten Commandments require children to honor both their father and mother (What the Bible Says). This is view of the mother and father being equal in the household shows how women were given just as much power as men. In many passages from Exodus, the Hebrew bible discusses certain punishments being the same for both men and women. Such circumstances as beating slaves, ox ownership, and murder would result in the same judicial punishment for both sexes. This shows that the scripture does allow for equally, which can lead women to roles of leadership within the religion. Many famous women in

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