Equality - Expository Essay

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Kayleigh Campbell Mrs. Teague English 10 19 February 2014 It is claimed in not only the Bible, but also the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal. And they’re right because every human deep down to the bone are equal regardless of others achievements, race, or sex. Equality, to me, represents that each person is free to be their own self and make their own choices without limitations or society’s beliefs interfering. As America becomes more diverse with each other it is important to accept peoples’ characteristic differences. Education, social, and gender equality can all help support a better functioning society. All students deserve to have an equal opportunity to learn in school no matter their gender, social class, or ethnicity, but unfortunately it is not always that way. Due to these personal characteristics some students have a better chance of school than others. For example, talented students with a lower income stability does not get to follow the paths of their peers with a higher income stability. Because of that it excludes those capable students of attending college and sometimes allows “not so bright students” to attend because these days society speaks money, not equality. This gap in society puts it as a large disadvantage because you are basically discouraging social interaction between different cultures. If social equality was to ever be achieved we would have to eliminate the discrimination of a persons’ self. Discrimination in society is what affects the achievements and goals someone has set for him/herself because people sometimes base others as disadvantaged or underprivileged due to their social class, living conditions, or race. An example of social inequality is the discrimination of race because, the common system, or ideology, in America for the past thousands of years is combined with the fact that most
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