Equality & Equal Rights Essay

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Fighting for Equality The history of equality can be traced back many years. Many philosophers say that humans are born with equal rights and should live in a society where they can enjoy them. Every person has the right to his or her basic needs like friendship and love, security, and physical needs and most people throughout their lives have these basic needs but, there are many people who do not. For example, people who are homeless, disabled, and people with no friends or family. So there is no simple definition of equality or how this state could exist; however, the concept of equality is a well- meaning achievable goal. If equality is understood to mean sameness then this should not mean that everybody is or should be the same. As human beings we are as different socially, as we are biologically. The differences that exist in society have largely come about by wealth and power. Wealth and power are held in the hands of only a few people in society. Equality is many different things to many different people. Other philosophers believe that respect is the basis for equality. The wealthier parts of society believe there is no such thing as equality and will not promote it in any shape or form. The lower sections of society try to be middle class and the middle class wish to be considered more upper class. Equality is best described as being about creating a fairer society, where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill their own potential. Throughout history human beings have always suffered from unfairness, discrimination and prejudice. Equal opportunity cannot exist or be implemented without legislation or good practice policies. Equality is such a complex subject that no one idea could accurately describe what it actually is. As long as the words respect and fairness are included, the definition is not far from being

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