Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People

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UNIT 3 – EQUALITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN WORK WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE Learning outcome 1: Understand the importance of promoting equality and diversity in work with children and young people 1.1Identify the current legislation and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing diversity Achieved in Unit 10 1.2 Describe the importance of promoting the rights of all children and young people to participation and equality of access It is very important to promote the rights of all children and young people to participation and equality of access. In line with legislation from the Equality Act (2006), Disability Equality Duty (2005) and Race Relations Act (2000), my school has developed a policy “Equality Plan” to which all member of staff must be aware of, stating that we must treat all children and young people fairly, equally and with respect. we ensure that all children have access to a wide and enriched curriculum regardless of their background, race, culture, gender or disability. This will enable the children to achieve to their personal best and to feel valued as individuals. It will also encourage to build positive relationships within and outside the school. In order to uphold these rights, we include all children and young people and do so by focusing on the following points: Raising achievement Studies have shown that the most vulnerable children and young people are more likely to come from a black/minority ethnic origin because of their economic or physical situation. Also the children who have English as a second language, may be struggling to achieve the expected level. In order to raise achievement, my school provides a tailored curriculum to suit every child's needs and is committed to enable all learners to attain and
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