Equality and Diversity Essay

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M3 There are many difficulties that can be faced when applying or following anti discriminatory practice in health and social care settings. Effective communication allows carers to develop good relationships with patients which will assist the caring process. This principle of care can be hard to follow because some clients may have speaking difficulties or have hearing loss which means that the doctor or nurse will find it difficult to build a good relationship with the client and provide them with effective communication. Acknowledging individuals personal beliefs and respecting diversity is another principle of care which means that care workers must accept the patient for who they are. This principle of care can be hard to follow because sometimes care workers are not always aware of a patients beliefs so for example if a nurse is not aware of a patient being vegetarian they may give them meat not realizing that they have done anything wrong. Protecting individuals from abuse is a principle of care that involves making sure people are not suffering from abuse. This principle of care is hard to follow because it is not always easy to tell if a person is suffering from abuse. For example if a child has bruises or injuries that show they could be suffering from abuse it is difficult to prove it because that child may have just had a fall. promoting anti discriminatory practice is a principle of care that involves making sure that everybody in the health and social care setting is treated equally and fairly. Discrimination can include racist jokes, isolating clients with mental health problems and ignoring the needs of someone with HIV. This principle of care may be hard to follow because it is easy to teach people anti discriminatory practices but not everybody will follow the procedures and many people will discriminate without even realising they are doing

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