Equality And Diversity Essay

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The Equality Act 2006 provides the following definitions, Equality – Equality between individuals Diversity – The fact that individuals are different. The Equality Act 2006 The following quote is a good generalisation of what equality and diversity means. “Equality and diversity includes any issue which could result in less favourable treatment to an individual or group of individuals based on their disability, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief. In addition, bullying, harassment or victimization are also regarded as equality and diversity issues.” London School of Economics and Political Science Having a good working relationship between the learner and trainer is one of the pivotal elements in creating an environment in which learning can take place. Put simply, learners will be reluctant to listen to or co-operate with a trainer who treats them or another learner in a less favourable way or discriminatory manner. The responsibility for ensuring that education providers promote equality and tackle discrimination lies with the ‘responsible body’ for a particular institution and rests ultimately individual trainers. Trainers must promote inclusion with their learners so that equality and diversity issues do not manifest themselves and damage this crucial healthy learning relationship. There are many ways to promote this inclusion, some examples would be – · Treat all learners and trainers with fairness. · Respond to individual needs and individual interests of learners and trainers through reasonable measures. · Foster an inclusive environment for all learners and trainers to access opportunities, and participate fully in the learning process. · Equip learners and trainers with the skills, concepts and values which enable them to challenge

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