Equal Pay Act Essay

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The Equal Pay Act The EPA or the Equal Pay Act is a federal law that forbids discrimination based on the gender in the wages payment. The congress acted the EPA, as a revision of the Fair Labor Standards Act, to revise the conditions of the established pay inequities that is present according to gender, particularly to solve the disparity in wages encountered by women. The EPA, made the following results about the gender-based wage disparities (Manning, 1996): Oppresses the laving standards and wages for employees needs for efficiency and health. Avoids the ultimate use of the accessible resources. Possible cause of disputes in labor, therefore obstructing, affecting and burdening business. Loads business and free-flow of products in business. Interprets the unfair approach to competition. What does the Equal Pay Act say? The EPA indicates that “no company has employees that are subjected to any stipulation of this…show more content…
Any employee would need to prove that a male and female can work and operate the same and do equal jobs and should receive equal pay. It is the plaintiff/employee’s load to create the prima facie case, the following should be proven: equal work, unequal pay, same establishment and on the basis of gender. Although, the job does not have to the same, they should be sufficiently equal. The two jobs are considered equal for the objective of the EPA when both need equal levels of responsibility, effort and skills and a re done under the same working conditions in the same company. Skill – Gauged by the elements that the training, education, ability and experience needed to do the job. The main challenge here is what skills are needed for the job, not what skills each employees may posses. Effort – The amount of mental and physical exertion required to get the job
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