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Daniel Gates Eastman English 1, Period 5 21 October 2005 Equality in Schools Some schools in the district make their students wear uniforms, which creates equality amongst the students and helps them focus more on their academics. Schools make their students wear uniforms to reduce distractions for their students. Many students worry about how they look, and spend a lot of time shopping and planning their outfits instead of studying or doing their homework. By spending so much of their time worrying about clothes and not about school, it prevents students from reaching their full potential and reduces their overall grade point average. By requiring students to wear uniforms, it eliminates sexual wear, such as girls wearing short skirts, showing their midriff, wearing low cut shirts, and boys showing their underwear. Teenage boys have a hard time concentrating on schoolwork when their main priority is looking at pretty girls. Teachers also spend a lot of time inspecting their student’s clothes and making sure there are no dress code violations instead of teaching the required material. A main issue in schools is theft and gangs. Uniforms will help eliminate theft in clothes because students will have no desire to steal clothing when they are not designer or expensive, but are the clothes the school requires. By wearing uniforms students will not be able to express gang colors, or wear shirts that have inappropriate material advertised on them. Although some people argue that uniforms eliminate individuality, they create school spirit and help visitors to be spotted easier. All schools should consider requiring uniforms in their school to create equality and better

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