Epithelium Essay

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All living organism are made up of cells. A collection of cells form tissue and tissue forms organs and muscles. These tissues have different structures and functions. Different cells or tissues specialise on different functions. My focus for this essay is about a very vital tissue in our body; the Epithelium. I will first provide a brief explanation on the epithelium and then focus on a few types of epithelium, it’s structures, functions, where the are located and why the structure of epithelium is well adapted for it’s function. The epithelium is typically found on the body surface, lining of hollow organs, body cavities and ducts. It also forms the glands in the body. Epithelium is made of cells that are closely connected to one another at many points by cell junctions. The cells are supported at the base by the basement membrane and connective tissue. Since there is no direct blood supply to the cells, they gain their supply of nutrients and oxygen form the capillaries located at the connective tissue, through diffusion. Therefore, they are called Avascular. Moreover, if the cells receive proper nourishment, they are able to regenerate themselves easily. The Epithelium is classified as Simple epithelium and Stratified epithelium. From these, they are divided to the different shapes like sqamous, cuboidal and columnar. The main function of the epithelium is to provide protection, excretion, secretion, absorption and filtration. I will go on to further explain on Stratified epithelium, Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, Simple columnar epithelium, Transitional epithelium and Glandular epithelium. The Simple columnar epithelium with microvilli is found on areas where absorption and secretion occurs. For example, it is located on the lining of collecting ducts of kidney, gallbladder, uterine tubes, stomach and intestines. Reason being, not only they
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