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The fallen symbol It was so unexpected. How this could ever happen to me, my band, my life. Everything fell apart and when I thought it was all over the mountainous embarrassment found its way back into my life. My first gig is going to be absolutely flawless I repeatedly thought to myself. Obviously blind to the fact no show/gig can be flawless. Eric and Edwin my band mates had exclaimed to me “don’t worry man we will practice until the day of the shows, so we can’t possibly go wrong!” which only lifted my spirits for a fraction of a second. I had waited four years for the opportunity to perform my first gig. Not that I wasn’t good enough or ready. I just lacked the confidence. Sitting at home watching “guitar center sessions” my phone begins to shake the vibrations scare me but only for a second. My friend Edwin awakening from his shy mood to shout “dude! I got us a gig!” my phone slipped out of my hands I began jumping for joy. My first gig thought to myself. We had only one month before we finally had the chance to take on the stage. Practice came with errors which after days became very frustrating causing tension “Eric please try to follow the guitar parts” I said. “Are you trying to say I can’t play the drums?” he rattled at me. Edwin told us to take a moment and “chill out.” This became our daily routine for the next four weeks. As we approached December 9th I grew more and more anxious thinking what if my guitar strap falls, or what if a string breaks. My heart raced with excitement but also with a certain phobia that I would fail. The faithful day had finally arrived Friday, December 9th this will make or break us I thought. We had to arrive about 30 minutes before the gig to be able to set up not knowing how wrong things could actually go. After setting up everything seemed to be going just fine. “Hey Edwin call Chris” I said “He won’t answer

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