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EPIDEMIOLOGY Introduction <Include purpose of lab experiment.> TO observe incubation and results and come up with a final infection <Brief summary of topic investigating and case studies.> Reptiles at the zoo and infection Procedure <Include information that the reader would need to repeat your experimental procedure. Do not include any observations or results in this section.> Observations and Results | Result + or - | Appearance after Incubation | Gram Stain | - | | Motility | - | | Growth in KCN | + | turbid | Dulcitol Fermentation | - | red | Lysine Decarboxylase | + | Dark red | Arginine Dihydrolase | + | Dark red | Bacterium identified as: Discussion Using the information provided in the Identification test and Media reference books in the virtual lab (you can find them by pressing the T? or M? buttons), answer the following questions. Why are some organisms unable to grow in potassium cyanide (KCN) broth?if it is sensitive to cyanide, it will be unable to grow in KCN broth * * The ducitol fermentation test is positive when the media changes to a yellow color. Why does this happen? What is added to this media to allow you to see the color change? It changes because it is a source of carbon * Why do the lysine decarboxylase and arginine dihydrolase tests require 48 hours of incubation time? It takes 48 hours because it needs more time to incubate and grow Using information from your book and the Internet, answer the following questions. * This organism infected a number of reptiles at the zoo. What could the original source of the infection have been? The original source of infection could have been from the water * How could an epidemiologist find the source of the infection? An epidemiologist could find the source of infection by checking other reptiles, water and food.

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