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Epic Qualities In The Lion King Essay

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  • on February 10, 2012
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Epic Qualities in The Lion King

In the beginning to Roger Allers The Lion King, Simba appeared as a spunky cub. Simba's personality is described as adventurous (Ellis). The Lion King represents an animated “Hamlet” (Renshaw). Later in the beginning, Roger Aller introduces a young, naive cub; Simba represents every young child. Simba gets into trouble and at the end he learns his lesson. Roger Aller is one of the most greatest animators ever; his ability to come up with a good story with animation and direct it is well known in the 21st Century. The Lion King is a perfect hero film with a villain (Walker).   Simba was very heroic to come back and take over the Pride (Ellis). Despite the conflict in the story, Roger Aller reveals that Simba shows generosity, bravery, and loyalty whenever he faced a tough situation against his villain.
The hero Simba appears generous when he saves Nala from the hyenas and when he tried to get them out of the graveyard. This part of the film, I was so scared for them (Ellis). Simba never hesitated to be generous to his friends Timon and Pumbaa. When Nala was trying to attack Timon and Pumbaa, simba interfered and saved them. Simba also showed bravery when he had to return to Pride Rock to avenge his father's death. He had courage to stand up against the hyenas when they cornered him and Nala   at the graveyard (Ellis). Simba also showed loyalty by not forgetting who he is and where he came from. Mufasa told Simba that one day he will have to take over the Pride Land's (Rhodes).
Simba's call to adventure was when Nala and Simba reunited and Nala was telling him about Scar's responsibility as King of the Pride Land's is going to drive everyone to starvation and death. Simba should have known that one day he would have to avenge his father's death and become king. It's typical for an uncle to be jealous of his nephew of becoming king (Rhodes). When Simba hears of what Scar is doing, he goes through great lengths to save the Pride....

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