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Elijah Knutson 1/17/12 Danielle Literary Analysis The Epic of Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic that was found etched on stone tablets centuries ago and is still being translated to this day. Its much like the Holy Bible in the way that is was written through stories told by many different people, this however, is the first epic of its kind. “ these poems have a right place in the worlds literature not only because they antedate homeric epics by at least 1.5 thousand years but mainly because of the quality and character of the story they tell.” (pg.7) The fact that they are still analyzing and translating these poems to this day, not only makes them exciting to read, but it makes one wonder what secrets in these ancient texts have yet to be discovered. The topics of this story tie in perfectly to the theme being studied in this class, topics like myth, religious beliefs, and the traditions these cultures were founded on. An ancient group called the sumerians (3500-3210 B.C.E) were thought to have wrote this book which makes it all the more mysterious and interesting to read. The cloudy history of this culture influenced one of the best epics of all time, this shows the genius of this culture. The story of survival of this epic throughout the years is almost as interesting as the epic itself, its a wonder this epic is still around today. Originally written in Akkadian (the Mesopotamians written language) the epic was found due to the efforts of king Ur-Nammu, the last Mesopotamian king who just happened to be a giant collector of old poetry. Even though this epic was forgotten for over 2000 years, when rediscovered in the victorian era and finally translated into readable print in multiple different languages, and became widely renowned by many cultures The epic itself was an adventurous but somewhat tragic story of the King of Uruk, who

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