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Luis Martinez 6/10/12 The Epic of Gilgamesh Response One of the main things that I got from reading “The Epic of Gilgamesh” was the fact that death is inevitable no matter how one sees it, essentially mortality and immortality. At first Gilgamesh and Enkidu seemed to be aware that life can be short but since that seemed like a thought and not a possibility, they probably weren’t phased by death. Gilgamesh was especially not phased by death since he had very little respect for human life already. However, once Enkidu suffers a tragic death, Gilgamesh is hit with the harsh reality of mortality. That is when his quest for immortality commences, only to learn a lesson the hard way. He in a way envied the fact that gods can be immortal and he could not. Through his journey though I started to question what his immortality quest was for, either physical or spiritual immortality. When Gilgamesh questions whether he should take the herb or give it to the town elders, I think that is when he realized that being immortal is not what life was all about. Being an immortal would only mean living through life for so long that eventually you lose meaning in it, so its best to face death when its near and hope that the imprint that you left on this earth will be remembered. He realized that so he decided to leave the herbs for the town’s elders. That way, both his and Enkidu’s legacy would be remembered for ever. However, things didn’t go as planned and the herb was eaten by the snake. Another reason I believe Gilgamesh would have considered for not taking the herb and becoming immortal would be the fact that he would be lonely. Enkidu was dead and to him there was not much more to live for. His father also served as a testament for how lonely one can become and how detrimental that loneliness can be. After a long time of serving as king, it could have been possible

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