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Compare and Contrast The hero’s of the Poetic Epics of ancient times encompass in some cases for generations to come the particular society’s ideals and morals. From the vain to the valiant the epic hero was in constant contact with the gods of their world adding to their somewhat immortality, strength of character, and in some cases their arrogant nature. Both Aeneas and Achilles are such hero’s in that they had the favor and the vengeance of the gods over their heads and through this essay I will compare and contrast both the method and nature of these hero’s. Aeneas of the epic Aeneid was not only comfortable with his godly lineage but resigned himself to using it as an excuse for the gods to mold and guide him through the totality of his quest. Aeneas is bread of the Trojan war of mythic times. Fleeing Troy with what people he could gather and what remembrance of Troy there was as the city burned. Though this refers greatly to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey at least from the fate of Troy’s standpoint the methods of Aeneas’s escape and the loss of his wife in the horrors show a darker side to the Grecian victory. The burning of Troy is the beginning and basis of Aeneas’s quest. With no place to call home Aeneas and his followers and moved by the gods to find the future sight of Rome where they will make their home before the arrival of the roman founder Romulus. Aeneas though not as courageous as other hero’s or as arrogant showed honor in many of his actions throughout his journey’s beginning that he recounts to Dido when they reached Carthage. Carrying his father on his back to the rendezvous sight in Troy, running back into the city for his lost wife who he only encountered as a ghost, and the rescue of the Greek Achaemenidës from the island of the Cyclops where he was left behind. It is through these actions that some of Aeneas’s character is built. Though

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