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Ephesians and Colossians: The epistle to the Ephesians church is a faith treatise on victorious Christian living or said in other words a ‘triumph of faith’ and so does Colossians.However,Colossians the apostle addresses some heretical teachings probably by Gnostics who argued the body was bad or evil and that nothing good can come from the evil body. Some also taught of celestial and constellation worship and philosophies of men. (Tokunboh Adeyemo: 2005:1155: Biblestudies.org). Paul explains how believers’ faith is rooted in Christ and how Christ overcame the devil and triumphed on the cross. Believers in Ephesus are reminded how Christ broke the dividing wall of separation and reconciled man with God. The apostle Paul also talks about the…show more content…
The apostle Paul reiterates the need to be joyful in the lord at all times. Probably the believers were undergoing trying times and Paul was himself under house arrest. It is said in catholic encyclopedia and Broyles et al that some brethren were taking advantage of apostle Paul’s predicaments to boast and sort of had self-emancipation to course him pain. Apostle Paul urges the believers to rejoice in the Lord, to be patient in all things and to pray and supplicate about all things, not to forget the giving of thanks unto God. He ends by urging them to practice certain virtues where he prefixes ‘whatever things’ are true….think about those things (Philippians 4:1-8). Believers must learn to have an ideal model of a Christian believer, live a converted life and practice godly virtues, being ready to suffer for the gospel. The believer should mirror the exemplified behavior of those who went…show more content…
E) The parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25) among others. THE PURPOSE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT MESSAGE: The below summary may help the believer to have a sound faith: I) the modern believer need to appreciate among other things that the grand subject is that of Salvation and the redemption message of how Christ came from heaven to earth. Christ came to seek and to save the lost. Man became sinner because of the Adamic nature and needs a savior (Romans 3:23, 6:23). ii) Those who believe in Christ become sons of God (John1:10, 12) and they will not be condemned (John3:16-18), the believers are entitled for eternal life. iii) INCARNATION: How Christ the Word became flesh/man and came to dwell among mankind. (John 10)Though many dispute the deity of Christ, it is the truth. God himself at Jesus baptism attested to Jesus as his only begotten son (Matthew 3:14, 15). IV) Justification Doctrine: The believer should learn and eternalize the message of redemption and justification. How that after repentance and turning, God counts to the sinner, as if one has never

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