Epf1 Task 1 Essay

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My Self Analysis Belinda Shakir April 16, 2015 “Education beyond the Classroom” (Community relations team) Belinda Shakir Head Chair I have been asked to chair the new community relations team, Education beyond the Classroom, at work. I must create a diverse committee to serve on the new relations team, but before I head up this new team I must first do a self analysis. I will also require each new team members do a similar self analysis as well. There are three very important reasons why each one of us must do a self analysis, 1. It will help us to be aware and understand our emotions and personal beliefs. 2. It will help us to look at our own biases and prejudices If everyone takes a self analysis it will improve the effectiveness of the overall committee by leaps and bounds. It will help us all to look at each task through several different lenses. 1. It will also give us different perspectives that will help us to make informative well thought out decisions. 2. One of the major things we will be able each broaden our own personal views and learn about new cultures and beliefs. 3. It also gives us a chance to sit back and analysis our own beliefs because sometimes we have adapted to our family beliefs out of habit. In the following paragraph you will have the opportunity to read my own self analysis and think about your own self analysis you will submit to the community relations team in the upcoming days. My Self Analysis “Webster dictionary states that culture is the beliefs, customs, and arts, of a particular society, group, place or time. Culture is a way of thinking, behaving or working that exists in a place or organization.” (Merriam-webster.com, 2015) “A family that

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