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ENZYME worksheet 1. Label the diagram [pic] a. substrate b. active site c. enzyme d. products 2. Answer true of false to the following statements: ___T____ Enzymes interact with specific substrates ___F____ Enzymes change shape after a reaction occurs ___T____ Enzymes speed up reactions. ___F____ One enzyme can be used for many different types of chemical reactions. ___T____ Enzyme reactions can be slowed or halted using inhibitors. 3. Circle the correct effect. Raising the temperature slightly will [ increase | decrease | not change ] the rate of reaction Boiling temperature will [ increase | decrease | not change ] the rate of reaction. Changing the pH toward the optimal pH will [ increase | decrease | not change ] the rate of reaction. Introducing a competitive inhibitor will [ increase | decrease | not change ] the rate of reaction. 4. Place a check mark next to the things that are expected to INCREASE the rate of an enzymatic reaction ___X____ Add more enzyme ___X____ Add more substrate ___X____ Adjust pH to optimal level _______ Add a non-competitive inhibitor _______ freezing 5. What characteristics do all enzymes share? All enzymes are proteins, they all have temperature, pH, and an active site and they require a substrate. All enzymes lower the activation energy that allow reactions to occur and catalyze reactions. 6. What characteristics can differ among enzymes? Enzymes differ in shape, size, function, and by their intermolecular forces. 7. How do enzymes lower the activation energy? By temporarily combining substrates. 8. What environmental conditions can affect the activity of an enzyme? pH, temperature, enzyme and substrate concentration 9. What is the lock and key mechanism of enzyme binding? The enzyme acts like a lock and the substrate as a key meaning that the substrate can only fit in the

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