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Determining Properties of an Enzyme Purpose: Enzymes serve as proteins that influence the rate of a reaction. Enzymes are long chains of amino acids with complex shapes. There a variety of enzymes, each with their own function and job. The active site on an enzyme is specific to a single substrate, which can activate the energy in the enzyme. Without enzymes normal metabolic reactions would be sluggish. The purpose of this lab was to measure the extent of enzyme reaction on given substrates by means of color change. The effects of temperature and pH will be tested and their influence on the enzyme recorded. If the environment is cold, then enzymes will not activate and if pH is high, then enzymes will not activate. This I believe because at low temperatures reactions tend to slow down and at high pH everything will denature. Techniques: Enzyme activity was determined in seven test tubes each with a different combination of buffers, H202, extract, and dye. Test tubes were placed in a spectrometer and their absorbance recorded. Absorbance was recorded at twenty second intervals for two full minutes. A temperature effect on enzymes was measured by exposing test tubes to four different temperature environments. (4C, room temperature, 32C, and 48C).Seven test tubes were assembled exactly the same as the experiment before. Again the test tubes were placed in a spectrometer and their absorbance was measured at intervals of twenty seconds for two minutes. The effect of pH on an enzyme was tested in nine test tubes, each with a different combination of, buffer pH, H202, extract, and dye. Again the test tubes were placed in a spectrometer and their absorbance recorded every twenty seconds for a full two minutes. Results: Enzyme Activity Time (sec) Tube 2 & 3 .5mL Extract Tube 4 & 5 1.0mL Extract Tube 6 & 7 2.0mL Extract 20 .11 .01 1.4 40 .11 .01 1.9 60 .11 .01 2 80

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