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Enzyme Action Objectives: 1.) Identify the class of macromolecules to which peroxidase belongs and the subunits that comprise it. 2.) Name substrate and products of the peroxidase=catalyzed reaction. 3.) Explain the role of guaiacol in this experiment 4.) Define enzyme; activation, energy, active site, ph, and denaturation. 5.) Distinguish between oxidation/reduction, activation energy/catalysis, substrate/product, and hydrogen peroxide/peroxidase. 6.) Define the term optimum with respect to peroxidase activity 7.) Explain why peroxidase is a necessary enzyme for all aerobic or oxygen utilizing cells. Procedure: We used 3 test tubes per “run”. Tube 1 was filled with 0.1 ml of guaiacol, 1.0 ml of peroxidase (Turnip extract), and 8.9 ml of distilled water. Tube 2 contained; 0.1 ml f guaiacol, 0.2 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2 O2), and 4.7ml of distilled water. Tube 3 was filled with 1.0ml of peroxidase and 4.0ml of distilled water. These three tubes acted as our baseline. Tube 1 was used to fill up a smaller test tube which was placed into a spectrophotometer, then zeroed it out. The tube was then removed and cleaned out. Tubes 2 and 3 were mixed together (at this point a stop watch is started) then were used to fill another small test tube. This test tube was placed in the spectrophotometer, every thirty seconds a reading was taken, this continued on for three minutes. After three minutes the tube was removed and cleaned. This process was repeated for runs 2, 3, and 4. for run 5a. through 5d. each tube was placed in a different temperature changing environment (freezing, cooling, heating and boiling). These runs were only recorded at their start times and at three minutes. These processes were all repeated until round 8. Each round varied in enzyme used but had same process. Data/Observations : questions and data on

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