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Envolving Role Of The Cio Essay

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The Greatest Shift ( Era of Humachines)

This article theoretically and analytically examines the future by the past and present, in the light of science and technology and their end-state consequences. The evolving force of science, information technology and the chief information officer – how they have evolved in the past years and also as it were, in the abstract, the next era of Information Technology ( IT) and how it affects the Chief Information Officer ( CIO).

Pillars of modern culture and society.

Science and technology as we know,   have evolved over the years with mind boggling consequences – positive and negative. They are in a sense, pillars of modern culture and society.   While civilizations come and go, science and technology grow steadily onward.  

Recursion ( the process or application of a function to its own values to generate an infinite sequence of values.)   has being at the root of this progress.   For example, science papers cite other science papers, and that process of research pointing at itself invokes a whole higher level, the emergent shape of citation space.   Recursion always does that.   It is the engine of scientific and technological progress and thus of the progress of society. This essence is supported by the articles and discussions presented in this module.  

The Journey.

A particularly fruitful way to look at the history of science and technology is to study how they have changed over time, with an eye to what that trajectory might suggest about the future or next era.   Below is a chronicled sequence of new recursive devices in science and technology and their revolutions…

4000 BC – First technology impact recorded and present till date ( Egypt)
3500 BC -   Middle East architectural revolution
3000 BC -   Chinese temple impacts on technology
2000 BC - First text indexes (Wasset Temple Egypt)
2025 BC – Greek technological revolution
200 BC -   Cataloged library (at Alexandria)
1000 AD -   Collaborative...

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