Envisioning Practical Essay

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Envisioning Aim To create an institution, which sharpens not only the skills for healthy existence but also skills for holistic development: making our department world class department of the world. Abstract The aim of this practical was to explore the ideas of our group members, and extract the ideas and thoughts regarding envisioning the department, in order to improve it and make it world’s most prestigious and best department. We aimed to improve the current drawbacks of this department and thought about adding some good thoughts to it, to make this department more competent and effective in building better psychologist. We discussed what needed to change, and thus we created or imagined a world class psychology department. This also helped us understanding the emerging future. Introduction The term “envision” refers to picture mentally, especially some future event or events. it as a means for next-generation propulsion. For most of us the future is unfamiliar territory, a land for poets and dreamers, to be visited by mere mortals only through an occasional work of science fiction. Thinking about the future is often relegated to the young, as in, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The rest of us merely bemoan, along with Yogi Berra, that "The future ain't what it used to be." This is not to say that there is no future orientation in everyday life. Much of human ingenuity and creativity is focused on the future -- whether it be the search for a better light bulb, the effort to put a person on the moon, or strategies for balancing next year's budget. The same can be said of conflict resolution. For a mediator or conciliator, the focus is on helping parties move away from a present burdened by conflict and into a future of greater harmony or, more modestly, on moving toward the cessation of hostilities. But these common efforts are typically

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