Environmental Sustainability Essay

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Environmental Sustainability Tim Marks and Sarah Spencer MTH 209 8 October 2012 Gabriel Kengni Environmental Sustainability Math is a fundamental part of everyday living. One could not survive without knowing it therefore it is important for children to know that math truly does occur every day and that it will make a difference in getting a high paid job, especially in the high-tech industry world (Roman, 2004). The world of science is rooted in math and a strong foundation in mathematics will ready a student for school but also for adult life. From the point of view of working to sustain the environment, mathematics can greatly increase the prospective employee’s efficiency. The benefit of working in a “green” job is that not only will the work be gratifying; it will also help provide other employees of different companies with much cleaner work conditions as well. The student should think about this when looking at what career he or she would like to do, possible for the rest of their lives. Strong math skills, developed as a result of studies in school will provide a strong background in which to grow in such organizations such as the environmental protection agency (EPA), which deals strictly in ensuring environmental sustainability (Johnson, 2004). Remember to have a mathematical mind when thinking of mother earth and what must be done in order to maintain stability. In math, the equation for figuring a slope is(Rockswold & Krieger, 2013). If in 1980 in average amount of carcinogens in the water was the abstract value 17,000, and 2000 it was approximately 43,000, the rate of increase would be 1,300 per year when the figures are input into the formula. This means that in 2012, the amount of carcinogens would be 58,600. This illustrates that math can be used to
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