Environmental Stakeholders Essay

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The three P’s of population, poverty and pollution have damaged our environment. They have degraded our surroundings to the extant of driving many species to extinction and threatening the survival of thousands of others. We must do something quickly to stop furthers harm to our environment. In other words, we need to act quickly to save air, land, water, trees, birds, animals and even ourselves. But can we help in any way to protect and preserve our surrounding? What is to be done? How can we do it? Understanding environment is easier when we are observant. In fact, even in our general life, we learn a lot through observation. As children, we observe out parents and learn many things. Similarly, observing surroundings and other living species on the earth will help understand the environment. Like us, animals, birds and plants continuously try to adapt to changing environments. You must have noticed the moss growing on our old buildings or a shoot of the people tree growing through cracks in the walls of such buildings; or even the grass growing on the walls of old. Let us observe such growth of plants from unlikely places and find out how and why it happens. We know about the wise crow that dropped stones into a pot to raise the water kevel in it have you ever observed the movements of the crow as it sits on a tree in our backyard? Have you observed the difference in the placement of eyes field of view of herbivorous and carnivorous animals? We come across wonderful sights of nature when we visit the countryside. It we observe we would notice the friendly manner in which birds and animals share their space and food. Have you seen how a cow helps a bird feed itself? The bird picks up worms from the soil loosened by the cow which grazes here. All living species have exceptional ability to adapt to changing environments. Our growing towns and cities have

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