Environmental Psychology Essay

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This paper will review an article about hypertension, related to stress levels due to airport noises as well as environmental stress. Our books states that, “that people who strongly identify with the natural environment as adults typically had special relationships with nature as children” (Clayton, S. & Myers, G. (2009). Interviewed environmentalists enthused that most people thought their childhood as the foundation of their beginning of love or hate with the environment (Clayton, S. & Myers). “Experience of environmental destruction as an adult can also make an environmental identity stronger or more salient” (Clayton, S. & Myers). This paper will give a brief description of how the HYENA (Hypertension and Exposure to Noise near Airports) study done focused on the relationship between aircraft noise and road traffic noise near airports and the link between the two and hypertension. This study was done by way of measuring blood pressure and collected the data over time for analysis. This study by HYENA was done over five years near six European major airports. The details of this data were collected by using a questionnaire, and included diet, health data that was collected, lifestyle indicators, and physical activities of 4, 861 people by way of home visits (Jarup, L. (2008). The results of these findings showed exposure and response relationships with aircrafts along with the average daily roadway noise exposure to persons living in the area as connected to hypertension. The research showed that the noise effected men more than woman. The article shows that hypertension has shown to be a huge risk cause for coronary heart disease and stroke (Jarup, L. (2008). The studies done showed, “that noise exposure may cause hypertension, but few investigators have studied health effects associated with exposure to aircraft noise” (Jarup, L. (2008). In the study

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