Environmental Protection Essay

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Traditional forms of environmental regulation prior to IPPC were very fragmented and no unified concepts existed between different regulatory bodies with regards to environmental regulation. The legislation which had existed was ineffective due to its incongruent nature which resulted in small areas having there own regulatory bodies to tackle pollution control in Great Britain. Each area of pollution such as water pollution, waste management etc, was approached as separate and when creating laws for its area, gave no consideration to the other mediums which may produce a harmful effect on the pollution levels of the other. The administrative costs incurred through this method were very high as the little communication and transparency between mediums resulted in very little accountability for the negative impacts which may have been caused due to actions outside their area. The 1960’s signalled the turning point from the fragmented approach to an integrated approach to pollution prevention and control. The Alkali and Air inspectorate of 1972 was incorporated within the health and safety executive following a report conducted by the Robens Committee and was followed by the findings of the Royal Commission on environmental pollution’s 5th report which found that the fragmented approach to pollution prevention and control was ineffective as pollution is a problem that needs to be solved as a whole and not as individual areas. The best practice approach was replaced with the best practicable environmental option from then on. 1996 and the formation of the environmental agency was the first agency on pollution in Great Britain to adopt an integrated approach. Rather than concentrate on the ‘end pipe’ emissions, the IPPC considers pollution and its creation as a whole, the interrelationship between; emissions, processes and environmental quality determines
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