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Environmental Pollution Essay

  • Submitted by: bforrest14
  • on April 2, 2015
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History of Environmental Pollution
Pollution has been around for many years, dating back all the way to the middle ages. Disease such as cholera and typhoid fever broke out all across Europe because of unsanitary living conditions, caused by humans. The “Black Death”, which spread across Europe, was caused by rats, fleas, and lice from unsanitary conditions within the country.
By the start of the 1800’s, people began to understand the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. The unsanitary living conditions and water contamination prompted new awareness for major cities to take control of their city’s health and well being, as well as its inhabitants. Improved sanitary conditions and less disease were important factors in making cities healthier places to live.  
However, with the modern world becoming industrialized, a new kind of pollution was becoming known: water from industries and factories. In the United States, sulfuric acid, soda ash, muriatic acid, wood pulp, and other contaminating products invaded the waters.
The fight for clean, uncontaminated water is a fight that will never end, unfortunately, but a new public response agency, Federal Water Pollution Control Act (1972), was created to help maintain pollution. Water pollution is not the only type of pollution the world is fighting. Air pollution has been around ever since the creation of automobiles.
The new laws implemented help to reduce the amount of pollution the world has. We as citizens of our country and inhabitants of this earth need to do our part in helping to fight and stop the pollution on this planet and in our surrounding communities.

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