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Environmental Pollution Essay

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Below is an essay on "Environmental Pollution" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Environment, now a day is a much talked about subject. This is in regards to the pollution caused to it. Environmental pollution has gripped all spheres of life, as the environment itself consists of all physical surrounding around the living things. It includes human beings, the birds, the animals, the trees, the rivers, the mountains and several such things.
Water and soil are two other important factors in the environment of plants. These factors are directly or indirectly dependent on each other. But still they have maintained their separate identity.
The mixing up of these factors disproportionately is termed as pollution. Because of limitations of everything, the interaction in excess is harmful for sustaining their separate and exclusive form. The pollution thus caused poses danger.
Sound pollution, chemical pollution, water pollution and dust pollution are some of the most common pollutants. The effects of all these factors differ from object to object.
With increase in number of vehicular traffic, heavy vehicles and for that matter all mechanized vehicles the problem of air pollution has assumed serious proportions. The vehicles emit large amount of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. This causes several diseases due to inhalation. The harsh blowing of horns creates dangerous problems for ears. The ensuring deafness is one of the major aftereffects.
Contamination of water due to mixing up of pollutant substances is the worst of its kind and has acquired enormous nuisance value in disturbing the equilibrium of the living things. The causes of this sort of pollution is raging high due to lack of proper drainage system. Seepage of chemicals and other materials is highly damaging the ground water and ultimately bringing numerous miseries to the mankind.
Garbage and waste material disposal is another factor responsible for pollution. This kind of pollution is due to inadequate and improper arrangements for its disposal. There is...

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