Environmental Issues in Pakistan Essay

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ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES IN PAKISTAN ABSTRACT Owing to rapid industrialization, environmental problems in sectors such as water, air, waste, energy and forestry in Pakistan are reaching a crisis point. The Pakistanis Government has been trying to solve these problems by various means. This paper investigates environmental issues of Pakistan, steps taken by the Government to overcome these issues, existing laws in Pakistan on environmental issues and provides several recommendations to the government as well as waste, industry, energy and pesticides regarding the implementation of such concepts. 1. Introduction A number of serious environmental problems are inherent in the Pakistan, which are of great ecological concern in terms of its sustainable economic future. These include soil erosion, pesticide misuse, deforestation, desertification, urban pollution, water logging & salinity, freshwater pollution and marine water pollution, just to name a few. The major constraint to overcoming these problems, in-fact perhaps the main contributor to their intensity is the population growth, which is very high in contrast to the natural limited resources that are available to the people. Also included in the constraints is the unsustainable use and management of these resources. Around 150 million people live in this country, making it the seventh most populous country in the world. The rate of population growth is one of the fastest and according to estimates it would double in just 25 years (UNDP 1997). What is obvious from this is, if the population continues to grow at this rate, it would take a severe toll in the environment. The reason being that the country is not endowed with the resources required sustaining a huge population. Little attention was paid to pollution and environmental issues in Pakistan until the early

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