Environmental Issues Due to Human Actions Essay

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Environmental Issues Due To Human Actions Over the last centuries; humans have caused problems to the earth’s ecosystem. As the human population increases the environmental issues increase. The higher population has created major health concerns for humans. Also with the increase of people on the earth the chances of animals extinct is higher. Everyday humans are damaging the ecosystem without thinking about what they are causing. Humans are making the earth an unhealthy place to live. It is time to put it in reverse and save the environment. All though some people don’t think that humans are able to take steps that will help the environment. But in reality we all can’t take part in saving the environment just by doing some things different. We can make changes that will be Sustainable. It’s only a little bit of change from each person to make the earth a better place to live. Increase of Population Increases Environmental Issues Over the last centuries human population has increased so much since the centuries before, and is still increasing. The more people around the world in-creases the so does the amount of diseases. Yet with the more diseases going around doesn’t put much of a decrease in human population. This is because for just as many of people are dying from disease, there are just about the same amount of babies being born if not more. Some countries try to keep the population rate from getting too high by limiting the amount of children a woman can have. If a woman has more children than the law there allows, they will force the woman to have an abortion or kill the infant when he or she is born. In some countries they only allow a woman to have one female child so there will be less woman having babies in the future. But that can cause a problem having more men in a population because there aren’t enough women for the men to

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