Environmental Issues and the Use of Pvc

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Environmental issues and the use of PVC Planet earth is inhabited by billions of people and countless animal species. A lot of those animal species will most likely go extinct before they are even discovered. There are many existent causes and effects of global climate change but, fortunately there are also many existent solutions to most, if not all, of the problems that are causing climate change. The causes of climate change include deforestation, fossil fuels, CO2, and CFC’s. Effects of climate change consist of catastrophes such as floods, droughts, and air pollution (Inconvenient truth). Solutions to the problems incorporate solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, water energy and carbon capping. Companies also create waste through the products that they create for example, like plastic wrap. Plastic wrap made with polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC, requires a certain substance that may be obtained though the refinement of petroleum. The everyday products we use such as, plastic wrap made of PVC plastic, have a negative impact on the environment and we have to care of our environment in order to do that we must choose more eco friendly alternatives. Global climate change is more than people seem to realize, it is a very grave matter along with the effects it brings on the environment. Encyclopedia Britannica addresses global climate change as, different measures of earth’s climate that include, changes in precipitation patterns, winds, ocean currents and, of course, temperature The climate is being altered to change in an unnaturally rapid manner by pollution, which in turn is causing global warming, which is being created by humans. We are accountable for many if not all of the cause of global warming because, “The causes of global warming and are influenced by human endeavors to obtain energy and natural resources” (Rodriguez). We use natural
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