Environmental Influence On Wes Moore's Life

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Maurice Maxwell Cynthia Malden English 1010 18 March 2015 The other Wes Moore let his environment influence him in all the wrong ways. No positivity around him from a child to adult. All of his choices eventually put him in prison. Family, drugs, and violence surrounds him his whole life and led to becoming a failure. At an early age Wes’s mother Mary moves him out of Baltimore city into Baltimore County for better living and opportunity. As the old saying goes, “you can take the boy out the hood but can’t take the hood out of the boy.” Wes quickly found people in his new neighborhood that were in the drug game. Tony was Wes big brother; he always tells Wes how to live right and not to be like him. Tony never led by example though.…show more content…
Tony put all the little kids in a circle and made them fight like pit bulls. Tony always told Wes,” if anyone ever hurts you hurt them worst then they hurt you”. When tony was little he was playing football in his neighborhood, and he was punched in his face by someone he was playing with. Wes tasted his own blood and this sent him into a rage. He ran home and got a knife ready to stab the boy, but the police came and put him in the back seat. All he could remember was what Tony told him to do if somebody hurts him. When he was a teenager living in Baltimore County he had an affair with a neighborhood friend. She was leaving his house at 1 am in the morning and her boyfriend was sitting outside. Wes was going back in the house thinking this is their problem I’m going in and going to sleep. Wes was walking in his house and the boy grabbed Wes and slammed him on his head. Wes got away ran upstairs and got a gun. Came out looking for the boy and chased him with one of his friends who heard the commotion shooting at him. One bullet hit the boy in the shoulder, but he did not die. All of Wes Moore life he was surrounded by all negativity that dragged him downhill. The environment he was in was a problem, but the choices Wes made was the ultimate problem. His influences were not good. Now Wes is in prison for life without parole on a murder charge of a police officer and armed robbery

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