Environmental Factors Paper

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Environmental Factor Paper July 29, 2013 MKT 421 STEPHANIE JENSEN There are many companies that conduct business around the world, throughout this paper; we will discuss business and marketing strategies of Amazon.com. Many people know Amazon has a company that first started off selling booking online. Being one of the first companies to sell items online, amazon was able to set the standard for online shopping. Throughout the years, amazon has expanded to offer tablets and streaming media for consumers to download at a moment’s notice. Amazon.com has become an online monster that sells and offers many products from books, to cloths, to tires for one’s car and much more. Three marketing strategy and reputation has helped the company grow throughout the years. Amazon.com offers product throughout the world, but since they are an internet based company, they do not have the overhead of opining up chain stores and storefront for the consumer to visit. Though they do not have showrooms, they do have large distribution centers throughout the world which will offer speedy shipment, 2 day guaranty at some parts of the country depending if the item is available. With the economy low and trying to find its way back up. Many consumers have turned to online shopping since prices tend to be much less and at many times offering free shipping as well. amazon.com does offer a shipping and fast shipping program for their consumers with a once a year payment, but if you are a college student, they offer it for free for the first six months, then half the price to keep the “Prime” membership. This would promote people at a young age to use the site and find the useful parts of the site. From purchasing school book to purchasing shampoo, a college student to a family of four and more could purse most of their product without ever leaving their home, or on the run with the

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