Environmental Cleanup of Ground Water Essay

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Executive Summary The goal for Advanced Systems is to constantly provide new ideas that will help Boeing maintain its already superior status in this ever changing economy. With the new government in place, President Obama has clearly stated how important environmental issues will be during his term of presidency and especially how budget for aerospace will be cut as well. Therefore Advanced Systems has determined that now might be the time to expand Boeing’s market with the environment market. Combining reusable parts from grounded planes and a new organism from SHAW Co. that deteriorates pollutants found in contaminated water, Boeing can expand its brand image from just an aerospace leader to one that also provides assistance to the remediation process of the environment. Boeing currently has sites that are being audited by the EPA for not complying with environmental regulations, which could greatly use a product like this to overcome these dilemmas. Once it is successful throughout Boeing, other companies world-wide as well as the government would seek out this product which could be the beginning of Boeing’s new market. This product, the Clean and Purifying (CAP) Tank, gives employees opportunities to expand their experience and broaden their knowledge. It will also account for jobs that may have been cut otherwise. Obama may also consider funding some of Boeing’s environmental movements. There will be some initial expense due to initial product designs as well as partnering with SHAW, however, the end results and the benefits will be great not only to the community but also to Boeing’s image. With the CAP Tank, the government may see Boeing in a much more positive light; as a company that not only wants to provide our country with the best military and commercial products, but as a company that also wants to protect our country from the

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